37 Definitive Ways To Tell If Your Dad Is A Bro

Have you ever wondered if your dad was a secret bro?

But you’re just not sure.

Well here is your definitive answer.

1. Were you babysat like this?

2. And were you taught this ‘trick’?

3. Did your dad flex with you?

4. Did your dad flex without you?

5. Is this how you learned to ride a bike?

6. Was this how you went to the beach?

7. Did adolescent photos turn out like this?

8. Did your dad compare his varsity days to yours?

9. Was your dad permissive of underage drinking… as long as it was light beer?

10. Does your dad ‘chug’?

11. Does your dad strike an epic pose when he chugs?

13. Is he very competitive?

15. Does your dad hang out with your friends?

16. Does your dad drink with your friends?

17. Does your dad do keg stands?

18. Does your dad do keg stands with your friends?

19. Does your dad work out?

20. And does he talk about it when he does?

21. Is this how he shows affection?

22. Does your dad go swimming and strike this pose?

23. Can your dad shotgun?

24. Can your dad shotgun better than you?

25. Is your dad very enthusiastic about women?

26. Do you feel sorry for your mom at times?

27. Does your dad kill it at beer pong?

28. Does he play it with his friends?

29. Dose he play it with your friends?

30. Does he play it with your little brothers?

31. Does he talk smack over beer pong?

32. Does your dad smoke with your friends?

33. Does your dad wear these glasses in public?

34. Does your dad find Snooki interesting?

35. Does your dad hit a beer bong?

36. Doe your dad even hit fake beer bongs?

37. Does he make any penis joke available?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these there is a good chance your dad is a bro.

Bros only get better with age!

So enjoy your bro dad!

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