Craziest Ways Daniel Tosh’s Fans Have Shown Their Loyalty To Him

1. A superfan got a tattoo of his entire face!

2. Another one got a kneecap Tosh.0 tattoo (ouch)!

4. Four words: Draw Something fan art

5. Five words: nude fan art with pancake

6. Paid $257.53 on Ebay for a picture of bathroom graffiti that says “Tosh.0”

7. Proposed to him by wearing this shirt to his live show

Click here to see the full design.

8. Created not one but two gauged ear plug designs featuring his face

9. Waited in an epic line to see him

10. Then chased him like crazed tweens

11. Some fan showed up in LA in a coral colored deep V-Neck shirt with a Tosh 5.29 sign.

Outside of the Beverly Center in LA

12. Some guys did it at a Yankee game too!

They’re showing up all over!

13. Took the time to cross-stitch this

14. Bought a Tosh.0 poster and loved it so much they left a sweet review on Amazon

15. Dressed up as him for Halloween

16. Just plain dressed up for him

17. Been one of the hundreds of people to like a page dedicated to his dog

18. Composed a heartfelt song about him

19. Photoshopped him as Jesus in the last supper

If you have any offerings for Daniel Tosh, you can submit them to his fan Tumblr.

20. And this:

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