#DNCSlogans: Proposed slogans for Democratic National Convention


Hilarity, of course, ensued as Twitter users picked up the hashtag #DNCSlogans. They kindly offer some slogans for Democrats to use in preparation for their convention in Charlotte, N.C., next month.

The slogans are funny, because they are true! Here are a few of our favorites so far.

#DNCSlogans You make it, we take it.

— Jerry (@rightinillinois) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans: "OPM—Other People’s Money The mother’s milk of the Democratic Party!"

— Janie Johnson (@jjauthor) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans Let's keep blaming Bush!

— Julian Gotovac (@JulianGotovac) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans What comes after a trillion? Let's Find Out! #tcot

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) August 22, 2012

#dncslogans "All Your Money Are Belong to Us!"

— J. Brenneman (@JBrenn) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans We think that another four years of #OccupyResoluteDesk is all that it will take.

— 'Teahadist' h/t@DMat (@smitty_one_each) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans Obama so loved the poor that he created thousands more.

— Bethany Bowra (@BethanyBowra) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans We create the problem then make you pay to make it worse.

— Infidel Crusader (@COCrowe) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans #MathIsHard

— robert (@ProgressiveAle) August 22, 2012

#DNCSlogans Who needs facts when you have scare tactics?

— Katie Johnson (@kjon) August 22, 2012

Keep them coming, Twitter!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/08/22/dncslogans-proposed-slogans-for-democratic-national-convention/

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