Guy Hits On Customer Service Rep, Gets Ghosted In Front Of Entire Internet

If youve ever been ghosted, take solace in the fact theres no way you couldve been ghosted worse than this guy was. Literally anyone can see how hard he got played.

For Craig Hazell, the long road to Ghostsville started off with a routine exchange. He complained about something with regard to a store on Twitter, and the store replied back to him with one of those polite, but kind of creepy messages.

All good, right? Wrong, actually. The trouble for Hazell began when he decided to extend his conversation with this Amanda character.

Clearly, the man was trying to shoot his shot. Although, you have to admit his game was a littleawkward.

For those of you a little confused, the hot counter is where all the heated food is kept. Now, you could make the argument that they should just call it an oven. But you know Brits.

Anyway, it wasnt long before your man Craig tried to hit it offwith this girl. And for a minute, it looked like she was falling for his corny jokes.

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