This Guy Managed To Turn His Foot Amputation Surgery Into Something To Laugh About. That’s How Funny He Is.

As part of his fight against pigmented villonodular synovitis, a rare joint disease, Redditor rightfooted opted to have his left foot amputated. He didn’t spend the days leading up to the surgery moping around or feeling bad for himself though. No, not even close. In the days leading up to losing his left foot, he decided to make something funny out of his situation – and boy did he succeed. Check out how he turned a scary surgery into laughs.

1.) Why bother with expensive medical bills when you can just take care of amputating your foot with a hand saw?

2.) Or a buzzsaw?

3.) Or a paintball gun?

4.) Maybe it is best to let a professional surgeon do the job.

5.) Hey, just because they’re a pro doesn’t mean they don’t need any help.

6.) One half of the band Cherub approves.

7.) Rightfooted with his surgeon. The beard is part of a joke he had with the nurses. Every time they left to fetch his medication, he’d put the fake whiskers on. When they returned with the meds, he’d ask them what took so long.

(H/T Reddit) Thanks for the laughs and inspiration, rightfooted. Best of luck in your recovery! Share this post using the button below.

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